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Injectable Treatments

Relief From TMJ Disorders and Myofascial Pain

TMJ disorders and myofascial pain can make it uncomfortable to perform everyday actions like speaking and eating. At Akeso Oral, Facial & Dental Implant Surgery, we offer many treatments to manage TMJ and myofascial conditions, including minimally invasive injectables like BOTOX® and corticosteroids (steroids).

Our surgeons specialize in diagnosing and managing chronic pain conditions pertaining to the oral and maxillofacial regions. Using the latest 3D imaging technology and techniques available, we will design a custom treatment plan for your condition and help you find relief from TMJ disorders and myofascial pain. Contact our practice in Columbia, Catonsville, Lutherville, and Westminster, MD, to explore your treatment options and see how injectable treatments can help. 

How Do Injections Relieve Pain?

BOTOX or steroid injections alleviate tension and can provide relief for pain caused by TMJ disorders. BOTOX works by temporarily paralyzing muscles and when injected into the temporomandibular joint, the muscles surrounding the TMJ are forced to relax. Steroid injections help reduce inflammation and pain, which can provide relief to overworked or tense muscles in the TMJ.

Injectable treatments have proven to be an effective treatment for managing symptoms caused by myofascial pain syndrome. This chronic pain condition is where pressure on sensitive muscle points causes pain in that muscle and unrelated parts of the body, known as referred pain. Pain emanating from a muscle point may cause headaches or pain in the jaw, back, neck, and shoulder. When injected in or around the trigger point, BOTOX or steroid injections relax the tensed muscle that’s causing discomfort.

These injections can provide significant relief after only a few sessions. We often recommend repeat sessions to provide continuous pain relief and help manage the symptoms caused by your condition.

Benefits of Injectable Treatments

  • No downtime after treatment
  • Only the targeted muscles are affected
  • Injections are minimally invasive
  • Sessions are quick and relatively painless

What to Expect With BOTOX/Steroid Injections

Managing TMJ disorders or myofascial pain with injectable options is a straightforward process that takes as few as 10 minutes to complete. During the consultation, we will take 3D scans to evaluate the jaw joint and other areas of the head or neck where you are experiencing pain. Your surgeon will explain your treatment options and if injectables are right for you. Typically, only a local anesthetic is necessary for these minimally invasive injections, although there are many anesthesia options available for your comfort.

First, we will clean the injection site and numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, we will insert the needle and inject the BOTOX or steroid medication. There are no incisions and no recovery time, so you can quickly return to your normal schedule. There are some activities you should avoid immediately following your injections, which we outline in your instructions.

Types of Anesthesia

There are many types of anesthesia and sedation options available to you.

Injectable Treatments in Columbia, Catonsville, Lutherville, and Westminster, MD

If you experience discomfort or chronic pain caused by a TMJ disorder or myofascial pain syndrome, we encourage you to contact Akeso Oral, Facial & Dental Implant Surgery. With injectable treatments, our surgeons can help you find relief from pain and live a comfortable life. Contact us in Columbia, Catonsville, Lutherville, or Westminster, MD, to explore your options and see if BOTOX or steroid injections are right for you.

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