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Meet Isaac

Video Review

After having a tooth extracted and undergoing expose and bond treatment, Isaac smiles a lot more and feels more confident. He’ll be back to have his wisdom tooth removed!

Testimonial desktop Isaac WT EB

Isaac's Story

"My name is Isaac. I had an extraction and expose and bond at Akeso Oral Surgery. The staff was good. Staff was very kind. Dr. Lyn, he went through and told me everything that was going to happen. He made me laugh a lot. Very hospitable and took very good care of me. The rest of the procedure went good. Recovery process—I needed all cold drinks. I'm feeling good now, feeling very good now. I do smile more, a lot more. I'm more confident in how I look. My experience at Akeso Oral Surgery was good. I would recommend my friends to come to Akeso Oral Surgery, and I'm also coming back to get my wisdom tooth pulled out."

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