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Meet Khaya

Video Review

Khaya’s wisdom teeth removal experience was a 10 out of 10! Her procedure and recovery went great, and she knows this was the right place to go for oral surgery.

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Khaya's Story

"Hi, I'm Khaya and I got my wisdom teeth taken out at Akeso Oral Surgery. When I walked in, everyone was well-organized. It was very clean. The staff made me feel welcome. The doctor put me at ease, asked me personal questions like, “What did you eat? Do you have siblings?” Things like that. The recovery process was great. I had ice cream, I had applesauce. I feel like a new person. My overall experience was a ten out of ten. I felt like I was in the best place to get my wisdom teeth taken out. It was excellent. I would recommend Akeso Oral Surgery to get your wisdom teeth removed."

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